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The disappointed writers of Kansas are perhaps after notorious characters up there. The unpublished writers of Texas are perhaps telling the early life struggles of some old Texas highbinder. That these gentlemen dident know you, or maby had just met you once or twice in their lives never seemed to hinder their idea that they was the one to do your life.

What kinder hurt me about all this life writing epidemic is that no one that knows me has ever suggested writing one that kinder hurt my pride. Most of my life has been lived alone.

Will Rogers - Wikipedia

I never run with a pack. In my later years Mrs. Rogers could perhaps give you a few details, but no one of my various authors has ever seen or asked her. An unknown error has occurred. These include but aren't limited to: boots, hats, leather chaps very expensive , saddle very very expensive , saddle stand, several types of rope, and quite a bit of Beeman's Gum. Owning these items will not only enable me to perform in Wisconsin, but also other venues in the future without incurring additional rental fees, or relying on loans.

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I'm currently "borrowing" all of my equipment from the original producer. Please help me get to Wisconsin, and continue to keep alive the memory of one of the greatest authors, humorists, and social commentators in American History.

A special mention of gratitude in the program for the audience members attending the performance. Personalized and autographed pictures and promotional materials from "Will Rogers: An American Original" delivered by mail - or - Autographed digital promotional images E-Mailed.

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Your choice. All of the above as well as a live expression of gratitude made by Will himself, onstage, during the performance. A copy of the DVD Documentary "Backstage with Will", chronicling the process of putting the show together, with travel logs, interviews, rehearsals, shopping trips, and more. A live, private command performance of "Will Rogers: An American Original" anywhere within a mile radius of the Chicago area, or further if transportation can be arranged.

Will Rogers

A "walk on" role during the performance, with a chance to interact with Will live onstage. Sep 16, - Nov 15, 60 days. Share this project Done. Will Rogers died in the most loved man in America. Ray Robinson, who was 14 years old, remembers the news reaching his summer camp by radio and spreading like wildfire from bungalow to bungalow. Motion picture theatres around the country darkened their screens in honour of a top Hollywood star.

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NBC and CBS went off the air for 30 minutes, paying homage to the most popular voice on radio — a few years earlier Will Rogers had hosted a variety show which had gained the largest audience in history. Rogers had been featured on the cover of Time ; he had been received at the White House by five Presidents. In my tiny recent poll of English intellectuals, no one knew who he was. Unlike the later Twain, Rogers had neither anger nor specificity to drive his jokes; unlike the earlier Twain, his deadpan humour produces no hilarity. Sinclair terrified the rich, Hollywood moguls prominent among them.

Will Rogers: An American Original

As Gregg Mitchell describes it in The Campaign of the Century , the moguls orchestrated the first ever mass media political campaign. Some screenwriters and an occasional actor James Cagney, Katharine Hepburn defied their studios and supported Sinclair; Rogers managed to conduct a running commentary on the campaign without ever taking sides.

So when President Calvin Coolidge took offence at a radio impersonation of his speeches, Rogers rushed to make amends. The only time he is on record as using the more familiar tag-line is on a visit to the Soviet Union.

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