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Is this pushing the envelope to far? I think not.

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People just freak out more in January. My little brother is turning 26 today! Well, my brother fell in love with the hot chocolate there and every time we turned around he was walking back to the restaurants in the resort to re-fill is mug with hot chocolate. Crystal had mentioned that the chocolate glaze on top was super sweet and it was.

While the old me would have been all over that, the new me had to step back a bit because it was so sweet that it made my teeth hurt haha. I tried to get just enough on there to mainly cover the marshmallows. Created by Angie on December 15, Hot Chocolate Cookies. This might be my new favorite cookie! I just can't get enough of them! I keep my decorations up until the 15th or so. The lights are so pretty!

This sounds amazing! I would add cinnamon too as I love my hot chocolate with a touch of cinnamon. These cookies are so much fun! My kids would love these! Happy birthday to your brother.


Oat & choc chunk cookies

You go girl!!! Who cares what anybody expects — you just do what feels right to you!! These cookies look terrific, I wish I could have a handful of these for dessert tonight! Oh my! I just made these for an early Christmas party this week and they are my new favorite cookie.

A little crunch on the outside and chewy inside, they taste just like a mug of hot chocolate. Thank you for a wonderful recipe. I must have made mine much smaller than yours I used my small cookie scoop because I got 75 cookies, Bonus! Hi Angie! Does anyone know if these freeze well? Mine are coming out runny as soon as they go in the oven! They are delicious but how do I keep them in cookie shape? Does the glaze harden? The glaze kind of hardens but not like hard sugar cookie icing. It kind of dries instead of hardens.

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  4. Any chance you could email it to me before Saturday? Thank you! Would love to make these! I fixed it! But it should be fixed now. The dough is chilling. Wondering do I push the marshmallows into the cookie or do I lay them on top?

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    I just kind of lay them on top and maybe press down a little. I just want them to kind of sit on top and melt a little bit when they go back into the oven. Its been like 30 mins, does it need to be completely cooled before mixing it into the brown sugar, eggs, and vanila mixture? Thanks in advance! I just normally wait until I can touch it with my finger without burning myself. If you need me in the future for a time sensitive question please reach out to me on social media! Arguably Christmas cookies after Christmas? The mouthwatering taste of hot chocolate transformed into incredibly looking cookies?

    I was looking for a fun and unique Christmas cookie recipe and this one caught my eye. I made them today and they are delicious! The marshmallows are all puffy. Is that normal. Will they go down as they cool? Marshmallows puff up when they are heated. I made these cookies over the holidays and they were a favourite amongst my family and friends.? I made a Soft Frosting Ganache instead of the frosting since you mentioned it was very sweet. I have made these several times now and am abut to make them for a Christmas In July party.

    They are always a huge hit. About how long will these cookies keep?

    Easy Jello Flavored Cookies! What flavors will you mix and match?

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    FREE ebooks: Sweetness, Cookie Indulgence, Saving With Menu Planning

    Then you have the secrets to tasty quick breads August 16, With the handle of a wooden spoon, press gently in the center of each to create an indentation. Bake, rotating sheets halfway through, until cookies are just set, about 10 minutes. If indentations lose definition, press centers again. Let cool slightly on baking sheets. Transfer cookies to wire racks, and let cool completely.

    The Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Meanwhile, make the ganache: Combine honey, cream, salt, and vanilla bean paste in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a simmer, and cook, stirring until honey dissolves. Add chocolate and butter to a small mixing bowl. Pour cream mixture over chocolate, and let stand for 1 minute. Whisk until smooth.